About Me



Welcome, friends! I’m Candice, a former journalist/turned English teacher/turned stay-at-home-mommy to three lively kiddos! After having 3 kids in 3.5 years, I have given up on perfection and have pretty much embraced the chaotic life.

If you’re looking for magazine-worthy home decor, Michelin star recipes, and expert tips on living a glamorous life…you’re not going to find it here. But if you want a candid glimpse into the world of motherhood (with all its hilarious/gross/heartwarming moments,) some of my family’s favorite recipes, and the occasional DIY adventure…then I’M YOUR GIRL.

Over the years, I struggled to find my “passion.” I always bounced around from one thing to another, testing out college majors, jobs and ideas. And then I had kids, and my world became clear. What I was meant to do was be a mom! I am by no means an “expert” at parenting (is anyone really??), but I am passionate about it. I love raising my babies and running our household, trying to find new games or crafts or foods to share with my family…and now I want to share those with YOU.

I hope you find my stories enjoyable, my tips helpful, and my recipes yummy! But most of all, I hope I can help you find your “parenting passion,” too.




One of my favorite quotes about motherhood. We really DO do the impossible.